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Aesthetic Services

Cosmetic BOTOX®
FDA approved for temporary improvement in moderate to severe facial lines (crow’s feet lines, forehead lines.)

Juvéderm® fillers improve loss in the face by filling in lines around the nose and mouth, improving lower facial drooping (jowls), and enhancing the cheeks and lips.

PRP Facial
Uses Platelet Rich Plasma and microneedling to improve skin tone and texture, reduce pore size, and tighten the skin.

PRP Facelift 
The PRP Facelift combines the benefits of Juvéderm® with the regenerative power of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy.

LifeLine Stem Cell 
Lifeline® is the only skincare with advanced small molecule technology and powerful peptides extracted from non-embryonic human stem cells.

Lilium® Facial/Microneedling 
The Lilium® Facial is a scientific breakthrough that combines the regenerative potential of amniotic fluid and microneedling to provide natural healing factors to build the right types of collagen and promote healthy, glowing skin.

Hair Loss Treatment Options 
PRP Regeneration Specialists provide natural solutions for the treatment of hair loss.

Orthopedic Treatments

PRP Joint Treatment
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is gaining popularity for the treatment of tendonitis, joint pain, sports injuries, and arthritis.  Our PRP Joint treatment uses concentrated platelets from a person’s own body that are injected using ultrasound guidance to initiate tissue healing and repair. This treatment can help with chronic pain and slow down the progression of arthritis.

Prolotherapy is a combination of injectable solutions to stimulate healing; especially good for tendonitis and trigger points of muscular tension.

Focused Shockwave Therapy 
Using breakthrough technology, focused shockwave energy is delivered to the injured area to stimulate natural healing and repair. It outperforms other non-invasive treatments such as radial shockwave, sound waves, and lasers giving faster results in fewer treatments. Many patients notice pain relief with their first treatment.

Women’s Health Services

Gynecology Services

  • Annual exam
  • Pap smear
  • STD testing
  • IUD Insertion & Removal

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women
Our Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy uses bioidentical estrogen pellets that are consistently released in the bloodstream increases your energy, sleep quality, muscle straight, mental clarity, and ability to lose weight allowing you to age healthier and happier.

PRP Incontinence Treatment for Women
Our PRP Incontinence Treatment uses Platelet Rich Plasma to decrease urinary leakage, increase sensitivity, and sexual function. Treats Lichen Sclerosus disease.

DOT Physicals
DOT physicals required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) for commercial vehicle drivers are now available at PRP Regeneration Specialists.

Men’s Health Services

Bioidentical Hormone Optimization for Men 
Our Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy for men uses bioidentical testosterone pellets that are consistently released in the bloodstream to increase your energy, sleep quality, muscle straight, mental clarity, and ability to lose weight allowing you to age healthier and happier.

PRP Male Enhancement Shot
The PRP Male Enhancement Shot improves size, function, and sensitivity with Platelet Rich Plasma. Treats Peyronies disease.

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Telemedicine and Consults Available for Orthopedic and Aesthetic Services

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