When it comes to injury-related surgery, the recovery process can often be painful and drawn out, and it can hinder your day-to-day activity and mobility. With PRP treatment, however, there’s no need to worry about any of that. Platelet rich plasma treatment, also known as PRP, is a process that speeds up healing by utilizing the body’s natural healing properties.


What is PRP?

PRP is a simple process that stimulates healing using a patient’s own blood. Using less than four tablespoons of blood, our PRP specialists separate the platelets found in the blood sample using a FDA-approved centrifuge machine. Platelets are essential to natural healing as they contribute to cell growth and the overall healing of injuries. To ensure that the injury is directly treated with platelets, our PRP specialists use an ultrasound to locate the injury. As a result, PRP treatments work to enhance the body’s natural healing process.


PRP treatments are frequently used by top athletes, including swimmer Dara Torres and basketball player Kobe Bryant, among many others. In recent years, PRP treatment has grown in popularity throughout the United States.


Ideal Injuries For PRP

The natural healing properties of platelet rich plasma is known to treat and improve overall health and wellness. Treatments can range from those used for joint and tendon/sports-related injuries, to facial rejuvenation, hair loss treatment, and woman urinary leakage.


The Ideal Patient

If you are looking for a natural, non-surgical, non-medicinal approach to healing, PRP treatment may be right for you! PRP’s natural healing process makes the treatment safe and suitable for most patients seeking to improve their overall wellness.


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