Over 40 million people in the United States are diagnosed with arthritis, and many continue to live in pain because they don’t think there is an effective treatment that works for them. If you have arthritis, you probably know struggle of trying out different medications, only to experience no relief, all too well. This can not only leave you feeling hopeless, but also takes a toll on your body as it adjusts to the various medications.

Why try PRP?

At PRP Regeneration Specialists, we focus on natural healing with fast results. Patients who are unable to tolerate anti-inflammatory medications due to medical problems or allergies often find that PRP is the best option for them, because we heal using the platelets in your own blood. Platelets contain growth factors that create new, healthy tissue. Increasing their concentration in problem areas will inhibit inflammation and stimulate the formation of new cartilage, while also easing painful joint friction. Patients see the benefits in their joint’s improved functionality, decreased stiffness, and reduced pain. The whole treatment takes less than an hour, and patients without physically demanding jobs are back at work the next day. PRP is great for those looking for a natural, effective solution to their arthritis.

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