LILIUM® Facial

The LILIUM® facial is a scientific breakthrough that combines the regenerative potential of amniotic fluid and microneedling to provide natural healing factors to build the right types of collagen and promote healthy, glowing skin.

What is LILIUM?

  • LILIUM harnesses the power and science behind the fluid of new life – amniotic fluid – to provide natural healing factors to the treatment area. 
  • LILIUM amniotic fluid product delivers over 200 biologically active cytokines & growth factors, hyaluronic acid, RNA, and microRNA to renew and regenerate the skin. 
  • LILIUM contains messengers which help cells communicate with one another to promote a healing response, build the right types of collagen, and promote healthy, glowing skin. 
  • The tiny lipid particles in the LILIUM product allow for rapid absorption by the skin in the treatment area.
  • You’ve heard the expression that pregnant women “glow” – this is thanks to the activity of amniotic fluid, which directly promotes health in the mother during pregnancy. 

How do we age?

  • There are two types of aging:  chronological and environmental: 
    • Chronological aging is an unavoidable part of the physiological process.
    • Environmental aging is directly related to sun exposure, smoking, poor skin care habits, and use of ineffective products.
  • As we age, our collagen and elastin break down becoming disconnected which causes our skin to thin and sag.  We develop fine lines and wrinkles, unwanted pigmentation, and lose the glow of youth.
  • We can reduce the effects of environmental aging by limiting our sun exposure, receiving consistent skin care procedures, practicing good skin care habits, and using quality skin care products.

How can LILIUM help?

  • Many practitioners use LILIUM postprocedure to accelerate and extend the results of the procedure.
  • Depending on the procedure chosen by you and your practitioner, results will range in intensity and duration:
    • Post gritty scrub, LILIUM gives an immediate glow to the skin, like a fabulous facial. 
    • Post microneedling extends results, because microneedling causes injury to the skin allowing LILIUM to penetrate a little deeper to induce a collagen response.
    • Post Erbium or CO2 category laser is most effective because it activates the wound healing response and affects collagen at a deeper level.  The rapid penetration of LILIUM can make the treatment 5 x more effective than the treatment alone.  

How can I expect with LILIUM?

  • LILIUM reduces the redness and inflammation often seen post-procedure and decreases healing time.
  • Skin is brightened; texture and tone improve.
  • Fine lines soften and over time, wrinkles reduce.
  • The skin reflects a healthy, glowing appearance.
  • A baby’s skin is soft and subtle due to the types of collagen produced within the dermis. As we age, we lose many of these “young collagens.” LILIUM contains the messages necessary to promote the production of young collagens in aged skin.

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