When a patient has an injury, physicians typically utilize medicine and surgical techniques to correct the issue and soothe pain. They then have to monitor the patient carefully as the injury gradually heals over time. In recent years, however, many practitioners have successfully used Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments in place of medication or surgery to treat patients with pain or injury.


The Healing Process

All injuries heal in stages. In many cases, larger or more complicated wounds may take longer to heal, but even the smallest injuries go through the same phases of healing on the way to full recovery. When surgical techniques are used to correct injuries, the body has to take time to heal afterwards. This process can be lengthy, uncomfortable, and expensive.


Immediately after an injury occurs, inflammation sets in and can last for several days depending on severity. Characteristics of inflammation include bleeding, swelling, redness, and pain. Inflammation indicates that the body is starting to repair itself. When this occurs, it causes an increase in growth factors such as fibroblast to restore tissues. The final stage of wound healing is referred to as remodeling. At this phase, the body has gathered the necessary growth factors to begin to function properly.


How PRP Helps

PRP treatment is a 100% natural, non-surgical, approach for pain relief and the healing of injuries. PRP treatment begins with the collection of highly concentrated platelets which occur naturally in a patient’s blood. Platelets are composed of rich plasma that contain thousands of growth factors including endothelial, epidermal and insulin-like growth factors. These growth factors are naturally used by the body for healing — and highly concentrated PRP treatment speeds up the process! Injecting platelet rich plasma directly onto the site of injury allows the body to focus on using the platelets, growth factors and nutrients to heal rather than working to gather platelets and then working to heal the wound.


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