How Do You Treat Low Testosterone in Men


Men can start to lose their natural testosterone starting at the age of 25 causing symptoms such as low energy, fatigue, reduced muscle mass, impaired memory, and decreased sex drive. At PRP Regeneration Specialists we use a personalized approach to improve testosterone levels naturally. Testosterone can be administered in gels, injections, sublingual tablets, and pellets. Our medical team will use bloodwork, age, weight, and current medications to determine which type of testosterone replacement will be the safest and most effective. Men can find out if they have low testosterone with a simple blood test at PRP Regeneration Specialists. Usually a total testosterone level less than 500 with symptoms will qualify or treatment. Men that have been on testosterone replacement for a year report improved ability to lose weight and fat mass, better quality sleep, improved energy and stamina, increased sex drive and morning erections. Bio-identical testosterone can also create a calming effect and reduce [...]

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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women


As women age, they can start to experience symptoms of mood swings, weight gain, low sex drive, difficulty sleeping, hot flashes, and night sweats related to a hormonal imbalance. At PRP Regeneration Specialists we offer a personalized approach to restoring a women’s hormones naturally in order to restore their vitality and well-being. A simple blood test and evaluation of symptoms is the best way to determine if there is a hormone imbalance and determine the right dosage. Bio-identical hormone therapy (creams, patches, sublingual tablets, and pellets) is the safest and most natural way to replace a woman’s hormones. Pre-menopausal women (done with childbearing) can benefit from bio-identical testosterone therapy to improve energy, quality of sleep, muscle mass, sex drive, and weight loss. Post-menopausal women can benefit from bio-identical testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone if they still have their uterus. A blood test (FSH) will determine if a woman is menopausal or pre-menopausal. Bio-identical hormone replacement [...]

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