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“Masahiro Tanaka injury: Yes, PRP therapy is a worthwhile endeavor”

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Patient Testimonials

“I started noticing pain in both my knees when walking up and down stairs, when exercising and even while lying in bed sleeping. Once the pain got to be where it was wearing on me, I made an appointment to see Wendy Wiggs. She asked about my activities and the severity of my pain then examined my knees and took x-rays. The x-rays showed that I had moderate degenerate arthritis in both knees. Wendy then told me about PRP and what it could do for me. I went to an introductory video class that Wendy did to learn more about the program. I liked what I heard and scheduled my first round of injections for my knees the next week. I knew there were no guarantees for this treatment, but I knew at my age of 49, that this was the best option for me. I felt improvements about 3-4 weeks after my first injections. The aching in my knees was about half of what it was before. I had my follow up around the 4th week and made the decision to do a second round. After about 3 more weeks, my knees no longer hurt while walking up and down stairs, nor while sleeping. I haven’t gone back to full exercising yet, but plan to soon. I know that if the pain ever does return at some point, I would have them injected again. My husband and I are way too active and PRP has helped us to stay that way!!”

ML 49 yr old female

“I am 19 days post-PRP shot for a torn hamstring and I️ have to say that I️ was a bit skeptical when I️ first heard about PRP, but I️ am now a BELIEVER! Wendy is amazing and takes time to assess each patient and recommend an individualized treatment plan. She personally follows up and answers any questions. I never felt rushed. I work out 6 days/wk and was frustrated with my inability to do much after my injury. I am in the gym and getting back to my routine much quicker than my orthopedic doctor thought I would. I highly recommend Wendy and her friendly staff.

TM 54 yr old female

“Ms. Wiggs did my Botox and it was my first time, she made me feel so comfortable and less nervous. She would explain to me why she would inject in certain areas. She’s the best. Love my results!”

AS 24 yr old female

“PRP has been a blessing and has given me back my quality of life due to arthritis in my knees.”

JW 55 yr old male

“Such an amazing experience at Wendy’s new office. I would highly recommended her practice to anyone who is looking for someone who is knowledgeable, professional and also makes you feel so comfortable! Nurse practitioner, Wendy Wiggs will make you feel like you are right at home and I promise you’ll not want to go anywhere else. She is the best of the best!! So go check out her office and bring your friends and family :)”

LG 25 yr old female

“Had a great experience and Wendy was very helpful in explaining her services and what to expect during and after my procedure!”

KT 46 yr old female

“PRP Regeneration Specialists in Haile is fabulous. Wendy Wiggs is so knowledgable about the many services she offers. She is a sincere and authentic person to talk to and allowed me the space to make a decision without feeling pressure. I’ve been pleased with the results and look forward to more visits there in the future!”

JA 47 yr old female